Shiroi Frequently Asked Question

1 ) What if the answers we had provided are not what you are looking for?

– You can always proceed to call +65 9730 0888 or email shiroifloret@gmail.com to fulfill your queries.

2 ) Can I order custom flower design?

– Yes, please call or email in to check.

3 ) Can you create exactly the same bouquet as this picture reference?

– As we only used seasonal flowers, the selections and colours will varies. As such, there would be a slight difference between the actual and reference picture.

– We will try our best to replicate the style and colour, but it won’t be exactly the same. Even the same flower in the same colour will have peculiarities in shade and tone. Email us at shiroifloret@gmail.com with a picture reference of your brief, if this is something you’d like to ask about!

4 ) How long will the flowers last?

– Flowers typically last 3-5 days in our local environment.

5 ) Is it safe to order online from us?

– Yes, it’s safe to order from us as you can use PayPal to checkout from the online store.

– Alternatively, you can do bank transfer by calling us at +65 9730 0888.