Inspired by Marcel Proust simple philosophy “ Make One Happy, it lets our souls blossom” the maxim applies to the created floral arrangements

Like the art of ceramics, Shiroi’s bouquets and arrangements mirror the spirit of avant contemporary, capturing the spirit of the moment!

Master Floral Designer, David Tan ensures that every floral creation is unique, spontaneous and should most desirably draw an emotional response from clients.

The Shiroi creative spirit lives on in their unexpected combination and celebration of love, unusual flowers, rare seasonal fillers, interesting textures and stunning colors.

The level of uniqueness is taken yet another notch higher. Most arrangements are not repeated and are complemented with embellishments for added elegance.

Their dexterous green fingers work magic to put together amazing conversation starters.

To cater to all your bridal floral needs, rest assured that only broad color palettes of the freshest flowers are used.

With Shiroi, expect the true joy of delightful, exotic, rich and expressive flowers, portrayed in bold and extraordinary styles rarely found in the mass market.

Let Shiroi Floret handle your wedding floral essentials for the venue and other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or just Simply flowers!